Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Hey, I’m Boring and I’m Ok with That


 This outfit says, “Hey, I’m boring”, and I’m ok with that.

I have been increasingly coming to the realization that I may be a little boring.  I have never been one to be safe in fashion. I’ve never been afraid to try the new trend first, to wear big bold colors and prints and maybe even to look back on a lot of those choices and say, “What the heck was I thinking???” But I think in other aspects I can be a bit…shall we say… vanilla. I’m not a big partier; I like my 8 hours of sleep. I prefer a bon fire with friends, than going out.  I love hanging out with my husband, he is my best friend, my confidant. I’m old fashion and maybe a little prude. I don’t like conflict. Though some may disagree, I mostly aim to please. I’m a rule keeper. I think these may be some of the things that could make me seem boring. I’m not eccentric, or wild, daring or a crazy socialite, and I’m ok with that.

This outfit represents me not feeling bad for being me. So it’s a bit boring, but its classic and simple and I like that.J Stepping off my soap box now…

Thrifted Burberry Jeans- $45

Thrifted Pink Flannel- $1.00


  1. Well obviously, I'm boring too. Because nothing feels safer than a blazer and jeans. Love it. And you know you'll wear that blazer in 30 years and still be fashionable.