Trick or Treat or Thrift: Dorthy Halloween Costume

I found this blue Dorthy-like dress at one of my favorite thrift stores near me, Amvets. It’s one of those dirty, smelly thrift stores that only the real thrifters brave, but it’s totally worth it. I always find great, vintage pieces there, real unique finds, even if it means sifting through a lot of pieces (whose only unique qualities are their sheer ickyness) to get there. The shirt was purchased separately.

 “The Wizard of OZ” was one of my favorite movies growing up and I couldn’t pass this dress up, even if it was about 10 sizes too big (it’s bigger than it looks). …And if it called for buying pretty red sparkly shoes… then… so be it.

It was a pretty easy task with wonderful results (my favorite kind). All I had to do was take in the waist, shorten the length and shorten the Straps. I used Extra Fabric for the waist sash. For the shirt I made it a crop top so it wouldn’t bunch under the dress and brought in the sides so it fit snug.

Amvets Dress: $2.00
Amvets Shirt: $1.00
Delia’s Shoes:$10.00
Socks- Ebay: $4.00




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