Looking Professional in Plaid

If you know me well you know I have a slight obsession with plaid and flannel. I blame it on my 90s childhood. I emulated my older sister Emily with her laidback flannel wrapped around her waist, and her Looney Tunes high-tops…she was cool. The obsession continued into my junior high days, unfortunately that looked more like a short sleeve flannel button-down with flare cargo pants…not so cool. These days I have a quite a few variations of flannel pieces in my wardrobe, and making them work into outfit can be tricky, especially when it’s for a professional setting. I loved this combination as the plaid with the pearl necklace makes this outfit preppy instead of mismatched.

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Cardigan- $8.00

Thrifted Vintage Flannel- $1.00

H&M Pencil Skirt- $22.00



  1. I was so cool. I am sorry for your flannel obession, I feel responsible. But you ultimately win the fashionable sister award. I love how all your outfits are less than 30. It's amazing.