Thrify Outfit Tuesday: Color For Colder Days

A little color to brighten up these increasingly colder days. I finally busted out the gloves this morning, there was full blown frost, and it couldn’t be avoided. When I begin to notice the exposed skin between my pant hem and shoes is chilled, I know that winter isn’t far behind. But in all honesty, I am looking forward to covering up in sweaters like this one, and wearing tights and boots. However, I’m sure the first time I’m shoveling myself out of my driveway at 7 in the morning I’ll be totally over the whole thing.  

Thrifted Peach Longsleeve- $2.99

Thrifted Sweater- $1.29

Thrifted William Rast Jeans: $15.00

Blue Aldo Heels- Not thrifted


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