My Hips Don't Lie, And Neither Do My Pants

I had an experience the other day that I’ve never had before in my adult life. As I was getting dressed I chose a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in a while. They have little to no stretch in them, but have always fit me great. I tried… oh did I try… but they would not fit over my hips and butt. Panic struck me and I ran to grab another pair that has little stretch…same results. I knew I liked my donuts and chips, but had I really gained an ass over night…apparently. And then it dawned on me...”Hey, stupid, it’s from running and training! You’re gaining muscle!’ myself told myself. I texted my sister the whole ordeal just for reassurance, “That happened to me last year, just before the half marathon. It’s Muscle and it’s better.” She said…I knew she was right but it was still a horrifying feeling at first.

I went down and immediately told Andrew,” I guess my hips and ass are getting bigger from running because I couldn’t get a few pants on.” His response…

“Yeah, I know, I like it.”

Sheesh… us women worry way too much, my ass gets bigger and my husband prefers it. Size doesn’t really matter. I’m much stronger and healthier now than I was when I could fit in those jeans, and that is what matters.

 All that it comes down to is that I now am down 2 pairs of pants, which calls for a shopping trip for a new pair to fit this strong, muscular, firm bootyJ Lets all learn to be proud of our bodies, we only get one…well..unless your Dolly Parton or something.

Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Vintage High Waisted Guess Jeans

I was way too excited when I saw these vintage guess jeans. I paired them with this great vintage floral leotard and my favorite thrifted guess heels.

Jeans are for Sale now at Leelue Drew, leotard will be up for sale soon.

Cold Weather Running

Spring is slowly showing up here, and by slowly, I mean, it’s still 23 degrees out and overnight we got 10 inches of snow unexpectedly... But I have hope. The pictute above sums up my running this winter. Our half marathon is fast approaching and I think we are all feeling great, but very sick of the cold weather. I dream of day where I can run with only one layer on, and maybe, just maybe, some bare skin showing. Now that the days are longer I no longer look like I’m out mining for gold on my late runs, with my head lamp bobbling about, so that’s always a plus.
yeah, I'm cool.


I’ve never been one to get the latest running apparel, not because I don’t want it, but because it’s really expensive. I usually wear whatever I have, Nike workout pants I’ve had since high school, over old leggings, a hoodie with my dad’s construction company logo on it (I’m literally a running advertisement), over countless layers of long-sleeves, a pink reflective belt, a0 homemade fleece neck warmer covering my face and Andrew’s Buffalo Sabres beanie so only my eyes are visible, with a head lamp on top. I look pretty silly, but it got me through this winter spending zero dollars on a gym or workout apparel.

I do make exceptions and buy myself new running apparel, but it’s few and far between, and a lot of times it’s thrifted. The other time is for race day. I like to look good on race day, because that is the day we have been training for. But running through this awful winter has made me very aware of some really important running apparel for running in the winter that you should absolutely invest in.  

1. A breathable face/neck warmer like this:


- I made the mistake of not buying one this year. Instead I made one out of fleece scrap I had. It did the job and kept my face warm, but on those crazy cold days, when it was barely reaching single digits, the moisture would build in it, and by the end of my run it would be completely frozen solid.

2. Mittens:

Any mittens really, they don’t need to be fancy. I made my own this year out of scrap fleece (I was apparently really feeling crafty that day). They keep your hands so much warmer than gloves.

3. A great pair of shoes-

Invest in a great pair of shoes. Go get fitted at a running store and they will tell you what kind of shoes are best for you. Last year I started using an old pair and halfway through got fitted. I couldn’t believe the difference in the fit and how light they were.

4. Bright Reflective Clothing, belts or headlamps:

Seriously though, anything that will make you visible, because, drivers just aren’t looking for you. I ran in the dark most nights, since in winter months the sun sets here by 4:30 p.m. I may have looked like a freak, but at least people saw me with my headlamp and reflective belt.

5. Wool Socks

I personally don't need warm socks as my feet always stayed warm, but alot of people do need them. You can't run very well if your feet are numb.

And remember, expensive doesn't always guarantee flawless design. Sometimes the cheap option is the better one. Don't blindly buy the brand. Do research. Take lululemon for example. I know everyone just loves it, but i have a feeling a lot of it is just hype for the new cool brand. They dropped the ball on this:

If i want to look like a post brain surgery patient, escaped from the hospital, i'm sure i could find some medical gauze for cheaper than this silly hat...thanks, but no thanks.