My Hips Don't Lie, And Neither Do My Pants

I had an experience the other day that I’ve never had before in my adult life. As I was getting dressed I chose a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in a while. They have little to no stretch in them, but have always fit me great. I tried… oh did I try… but they would not fit over my hips and butt. Panic struck me and I ran to grab another pair that has little stretch…same results. I knew I liked my donuts and chips, but had I really gained an ass over night…apparently. And then it dawned on me...”Hey, stupid, it’s from running and training! You’re gaining muscle!’ myself told myself. I texted my sister the whole ordeal just for reassurance, “That happened to me last year, just before the half marathon. It’s Muscle and it’s better.” She said…I knew she was right but it was still a horrifying feeling at first.

I went down and immediately told Andrew,” I guess my hips and ass are getting bigger from running because I couldn’t get a few pants on.” His response…

“Yeah, I know, I like it.”

Sheesh… us women worry way too much, my ass gets bigger and my husband prefers it. Size doesn’t really matter. I’m much stronger and healthier now than I was when I could fit in those jeans, and that is what matters.

 All that it comes down to is that I now am down 2 pairs of pants, which calls for a shopping trip for a new pair to fit this strong, muscular, firm bootyJ Lets all learn to be proud of our bodies, we only get one…well..unless your Dolly Parton or something.


  1. My words! I had the same problem because of athletics and trainings for a 10km run, I was really terryfied, but then I realized it's better now :)