Thrify Outfit Tuesday: Color For Colder Days

A little color to brighten up these increasingly colder days. I finally busted out the gloves this morning, there was full blown frost, and it couldn’t be avoided. When I begin to notice the exposed skin between my pant hem and shoes is chilled, I know that winter isn’t far behind. But in all honesty, I am looking forward to covering up in sweaters like this one, and wearing tights and boots. However, I’m sure the first time I’m shoveling myself out of my driveway at 7 in the morning I’ll be totally over the whole thing.  

Thrifted Peach Longsleeve- $2.99

Thrifted Sweater- $1.29

Thrifted William Rast Jeans: $15.00

Blue Aldo Heels- Not thrifted

Trick or Treat or Thrift: Dorthy Halloween Costume

I found this blue Dorthy-like dress at one of my favorite thrift stores near me, Amvets. It’s one of those dirty, smelly thrift stores that only the real thrifters brave, but it’s totally worth it. I always find great, vintage pieces there, real unique finds, even if it means sifting through a lot of pieces (whose only unique qualities are their sheer ickyness) to get there. The shirt was purchased separately.

 “The Wizard of OZ” was one of my favorite movies growing up and I couldn’t pass this dress up, even if it was about 10 sizes too big (it’s bigger than it looks). …And if it called for buying pretty red sparkly shoes… then… so be it.

It was a pretty easy task with wonderful results (my favorite kind). All I had to do was take in the waist, shorten the length and shorten the Straps. I used Extra Fabric for the waist sash. For the shirt I made it a crop top so it wouldn’t bunch under the dress and brought in the sides so it fit snug.

Amvets Dress: $2.00
Amvets Shirt: $1.00
Delia’s Shoes:$10.00
Socks- Ebay: $4.00



New Life For Old Threads Meets Thrifty Outfit Tuesday

When I was purchasing this dress at the Goodwill the cashier asked me if I was going to be Amish for Halloween, When I replied, “no” she quickly said, “oooh…you it...?” I get these questions a lot, I should really start just playing along as if I love them… just mess with these people’s minds…”Oh yeah, Amish is in right now…”

   But in all seriousness, this dress fit me like a glove, and beyond the hideous quarter length, poof sleeves, it had a pretty basic shape. It all pointed to an easy up-cycle.

First thing I did was remove the sleeves by ripping out the seams.

I then finished the armholes by folding over and sewing the unfinished edge.

The last thing was shorten it, because it was a god-awful length for anyone.

The finished product.

Thrifted Goodwill Dress: $6.99
Thrifted Pink Heels-$8.00
Mint Belt- Free with a thrifted skirt.

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post is About You…

…Well it’s not, it’s about me…but it can be about you too:) As I began writing this blog, I had fears that I would become too wrapped up in my appearance. It is a style blog after all, and a lot of thought about my outfits, makeup and hair go into it.

As a teen, when my mom would see my sister or I looking at ourselves in the mirror too much she’d quietly start singing or humming, “You’re so vain” just to see if we would catch on, it became a running joke between us. But I think vanity in moderation is important. How we present ourselves to the world can represent how we feel about our own self-worth.  When I look less than presentable, I feel less confident. Fashion can be more than material; it can be the difference between failing and succeeding, it can boost self-esteem and build a foundation for other areas of life. 

Caring about your style and appearance can be a form of self-respect. 
For example:

The left is me not caring, and probably wearing the same outfit I slept in the night before, wearing no make-up. To the right is me taking a shower, caring about myself and telling the world that I do.

    This makes me feel like I want to hide.                        This makes me feel confident!

Fashion and style does matter, it does make a difference, and it can shape and reflect the way you feel about yourself.

I’m not going to lie, I feel a little vulnerable showing you all my makeup-less face. But I guess this is me proving that I’m not soooo vain.



Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Blush and Blue

Sometimes things that I really love sit in my closet for a long time without being worn. It’s not that I don’t like them, sometimes I think I just get comfortable with wearing the usual outfits I know work on me. Simply put, I get lazy. At 7 a.m., thinking outside the box can be way too much to ask of myself. But I’ve learned to pick out my outfits the night before. It saves me from the humdrum attire I’m usually drawn to prior to my morning coffee. This outfit sat in my closet unseen until I took the time to pair items I had never paired together before. Lesson learned: Good decisions are only made post morning coffee.

Thrifted Vintage Lace Long sleeve- $1.29

Thrifted Old Navy skirt- $6.00

Thrifted Blush Heels- $8.00

H&M Belt- $3.99

Forever 21 Bow Necklaces: $3.99

New Life For Old Threads: Looking Beyond the Dress DIY

So this is what I was working with. It had potential. And to be honest, I was hoping I could keep it as a dress. But there were issues with this dress that I just hadn’t anticipated, and when I tried to make the dress smaller those issues only became more evident, so, I scrapped the dress idea. Sometimes my projects don't work out.. It's frustrating, but I have learned to get over it and not get discouraged.

The thing that was making this dress so awkward was the elastic in the waist. It didn’t bunch right and looked messy. So I took the elastic off and cut the bottom of the dress off. I also took the sides and sleeves in slightly.

 This is what I got. Not perfect but I like it.

Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: 80s Floral Find

I know summer is over but I just got these shorts in the mail and I needed a reason to keep them out. I love them and they fit me like a glove. I custom ordered them from Etsy shop CaliDreamShorts because I have found it completely impossible to find well fitting high waisted shorts in stores. I know it’s not a completely thrifted outfit but close enough.

Thrifted boots- $8.00

Looking Professional in Plaid

If you know me well you know I have a slight obsession with plaid and flannel. I blame it on my 90s childhood. I emulated my older sister Emily with her laidback flannel wrapped around her waist, and her Looney Tunes high-tops…she was cool. The obsession continued into my junior high days, unfortunately that looked more like a short sleeve flannel button-down with flare cargo pants…not so cool. These days I have a quite a few variations of flannel pieces in my wardrobe, and making them work into outfit can be tricky, especially when it’s for a professional setting. I loved this combination as the plaid with the pearl necklace makes this outfit preppy instead of mismatched.

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Cardigan- $8.00

Thrifted Vintage Flannel- $1.00

H&M Pencil Skirt- $22.00

Summer Staples For A Cold Weather Wardrobe

Suddenly I looked outside today and the leaves in autumn hues were raining from the trees and covering the ground. Fall came so unexpectaly as we have been wrapped up with days of 75 degree weather these last 2 weeks. It seemed as though summer was prolonged by the look of the re-blooming flowers on my front stoop, but fall has come despite it.

 I actually love fall, especially here in Western New York where we get the full extent of each season and fall is no exception. It’s strangely exciting being able to pull out my winter wardrobe (as though I don’t know what I put away last spring), beginning to wear blazers, sweaters and boots again. But it also can be sad to see some of summer’s favorites folded away for, what for us, is a VERY long winter. So I’ve learned a few tips over my lifetime to keep my summer favorites in my cold weather wardrobe.

-Wear tights with lighter weight dresses, skirts and shorts- Tights are in so take advantage!

-Wear trendy short or high socks with skirts and dresses, like this...short socks or this high socks

-Wear a cardigan or blazer over short sleeves or tank tops.

-Wear a long sleeve under summer dresses.

-Wear a sweater over summer dresses.

-Wear winter boots to work and change into cute heels and flats once you arrive—A MUST!

 Here is my summer to fall outfit change:

Dress in photo available for purchase at P.S.Vintage

Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Hey, I’m Boring and I’m Ok with That


 This outfit says, “Hey, I’m boring”, and I’m ok with that.

I have been increasingly coming to the realization that I may be a little boring.  I have never been one to be safe in fashion. I’ve never been afraid to try the new trend first, to wear big bold colors and prints and maybe even to look back on a lot of those choices and say, “What the heck was I thinking???” But I think in other aspects I can be a bit…shall we say… vanilla. I’m not a big partier; I like my 8 hours of sleep. I prefer a bon fire with friends, than going out.  I love hanging out with my husband, he is my best friend, my confidant. I’m old fashion and maybe a little prude. I don’t like conflict. Though some may disagree, I mostly aim to please. I’m a rule keeper. I think these may be some of the things that could make me seem boring. I’m not eccentric, or wild, daring or a crazy socialite, and I’m ok with that.

This outfit represents me not feeling bad for being me. So it’s a bit boring, but its classic and simple and I like that.J Stepping off my soap box now…

Thrifted Burberry Jeans- $45

Thrifted Pink Flannel- $1.00