Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Blush and Blue

Sometimes things that I really love sit in my closet for a long time without being worn. It’s not that I don’t like them, sometimes I think I just get comfortable with wearing the usual outfits I know work on me. Simply put, I get lazy. At 7 a.m., thinking outside the box can be way too much to ask of myself. But I’ve learned to pick out my outfits the night before. It saves me from the humdrum attire I’m usually drawn to prior to my morning coffee. This outfit sat in my closet unseen until I took the time to pair items I had never paired together before. Lesson learned: Good decisions are only made post morning coffee.

Thrifted Vintage Lace Long sleeve- $1.29

Thrifted Old Navy skirt- $6.00

Thrifted Blush Heels- $8.00

H&M Belt- $3.99

Forever 21 Bow Necklaces: $3.99


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