New Life For Old Threads Meets Thrifty Outfit Tuesday

When I was purchasing this dress at the Goodwill the cashier asked me if I was going to be Amish for Halloween, When I replied, “no” she quickly said, “oooh…you it...?” I get these questions a lot, I should really start just playing along as if I love them… just mess with these people’s minds…”Oh yeah, Amish is in right now…”

   But in all seriousness, this dress fit me like a glove, and beyond the hideous quarter length, poof sleeves, it had a pretty basic shape. It all pointed to an easy up-cycle.

First thing I did was remove the sleeves by ripping out the seams.

I then finished the armholes by folding over and sewing the unfinished edge.

The last thing was shorten it, because it was a god-awful length for anyone.

The finished product.

Thrifted Goodwill Dress: $6.99
Thrifted Pink Heels-$8.00
Mint Belt- Free with a thrifted skirt.


  1. adorable, and you are laugh out loud funny, oh, so you it? so good. please act offended next time.

  2. It's so crazy how something so ugly (and so Amish looking, yes!) could be turned into something SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your blog. :)