Summer Staples For A Cold Weather Wardrobe

Suddenly I looked outside today and the leaves in autumn hues were raining from the trees and covering the ground. Fall came so unexpectaly as we have been wrapped up with days of 75 degree weather these last 2 weeks. It seemed as though summer was prolonged by the look of the re-blooming flowers on my front stoop, but fall has come despite it.

 I actually love fall, especially here in Western New York where we get the full extent of each season and fall is no exception. It’s strangely exciting being able to pull out my winter wardrobe (as though I don’t know what I put away last spring), beginning to wear blazers, sweaters and boots again. But it also can be sad to see some of summer’s favorites folded away for, what for us, is a VERY long winter. So I’ve learned a few tips over my lifetime to keep my summer favorites in my cold weather wardrobe.

-Wear tights with lighter weight dresses, skirts and shorts- Tights are in so take advantage!

-Wear trendy short or high socks with skirts and dresses, like this...short socks or this high socks

-Wear a cardigan or blazer over short sleeves or tank tops.

-Wear a long sleeve under summer dresses.

-Wear a sweater over summer dresses.

-Wear winter boots to work and change into cute heels and flats once you arrive—A MUST!

 Here is my summer to fall outfit change:

Dress in photo available for purchase at P.S.Vintage


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