You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post is About You…

…Well it’s not, it’s about me…but it can be about you too:) As I began writing this blog, I had fears that I would become too wrapped up in my appearance. It is a style blog after all, and a lot of thought about my outfits, makeup and hair go into it.

As a teen, when my mom would see my sister or I looking at ourselves in the mirror too much she’d quietly start singing or humming, “You’re so vain” just to see if we would catch on, it became a running joke between us. But I think vanity in moderation is important. How we present ourselves to the world can represent how we feel about our own self-worth.  When I look less than presentable, I feel less confident. Fashion can be more than material; it can be the difference between failing and succeeding, it can boost self-esteem and build a foundation for other areas of life. 

Caring about your style and appearance can be a form of self-respect. 
For example:

The left is me not caring, and probably wearing the same outfit I slept in the night before, wearing no make-up. To the right is me taking a shower, caring about myself and telling the world that I do.

    This makes me feel like I want to hide.                        This makes me feel confident!

Fashion and style does matter, it does make a difference, and it can shape and reflect the way you feel about yourself.

I’m not going to lie, I feel a little vulnerable showing you all my makeup-less face. But I guess this is me proving that I’m not soooo vain.