New Life For Old Threads: Seeing Double...Collars?

At first glance this peach button down doesn’t seem so bad…You’re not looking hard enough. First off all, I have no idea what is going on with this double collar, which has some sort of floral patterned embroidery, reminiscent of a cheap oriental design. Add shoulder pads to that and it just isn’t cutting it. But I think the ugliest thing about this shirt is actually the thing that makes it an easy fix, the double collar.
 First, I cut off the ugly and unnecessary double collar, only leaving enough to double over the edge.

Next, I doubled over the edge and pinned down
I then finished the pinned down edge by sewing it.
As much as I yearn to look like a line backer, the shoulder pads had to go. Snip, Snip!
It’s not a crazy difference, but that is what I liked about this project. It wasn’t difficult, but it made the shirt wearable again. I’ll find a 70 year old to give the leftover embroidered collar to… no just kidding; it should really just be burned.
Thrifted Peach Shirt: $2.99
Thrifted White Jeans- $1.00
Thrifted Guess Heels- $12.99


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