New Look For Leah- Braving the Boyfriend Jean

So here it is, my first post and my first attempt at the boyfriend jean.       

One thing you'll notice about my "modeling" pictures, is that I very rarely look at the camera. I learned a while ago that modeling is just not something I'm going to quite my day job for and as soon as I need to be serious on camera, my face does strange, awkward, unattractive things... Looking away is best. I also sometimes cut my head out altogether, which is even easier! Now that that is out of the way...
 I have been wanting to try boyfriend jeans for a while, but had trouble finding the right pair. I didn't want them too baggy, but also not too skinny. I finally found these American Eagle jeans on sale and they had gotten great reviews. I ALWAYS look at the reviews when shopping online, it can really be helpful. I LOVE THEM!
Thrifted Gap Blazer- $6.99
Thrifted Vintage Coach Bag- $3.00






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