Summer Project

I have been completely MIA from the blog since July, but I was working on something pretty important…
Yes, that is giant photo of my uterus….and a baby. This baby literally sucked all the life out of me for a good couple months. I’m pretty sure if anyone saw me in those weeks they would attest that my eyes were always only half open at all times….I was exhausted. At one point, before she knew I was pregnant, my mom was so concerned about my demeanor that she actually asked me if I was depressed about something. I’m glad that part is over.
When Andrew and I decided to embark on this adventure to parenthood we had no idea it would start so quickly, but we are so excited. I’ve heard good things about this parenting thing, that it’s the hardest but also the most amazing thing ever.
I am in my 15th week and just starting to really look pregnant. In a few more weeks we will find out the sex and then I think it will seem so much more real, and I can start sewing some cute baby clothes.
What a miracle this is, having this little soul growing inside me.
I will try to start blogging and sewing again now that my energy has returned, and I’ll keep you all update to date on my pregnancy, as I can tell already there will be many stories to share.


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