Some Pressing Questions and Dressing the Bump

Of course I would choose the summer that crop tops and high waisted shorts are back in to get pregnant. I had a bunch of both just waiting for warm weather; I don’t know what I was thinking. Above photo was in the spring, wearing two crops I made from my sisters amazing fabric Emily Sanford Designs. They all sat dormant in my closet, poor things. And next year, I’m sure I’ll be faced with, ”Can a mother wear high waisted shorts? Have I crossed over the hill of fashion?” … Questions…I’ll deal with that when it comes.

In the meantime I have more pressing matters, like:
-When do I know the appropriate time to call in the towel and buy larger underwear, will I know that my hinder is bigger, or will it be so gradual that I’ll be suffering through day long
wedgies unnecessarily?

-How am I going to fit in a coat this winter?

-Will my boobs ever stop growing, bras are expensive? (please God, let them stop)

- Can I avoid pregnancy nose (you know what I’m talking about) and will I know if I get it?
(please don’t tell me if I do)

- Can I start a “gofundme” to pay for all this stuff a baby apparently needs? (Did you know they have a sleeping mat that tells you your baby is still breathing!!!! Why would my baby not be breathing? Now I’m scared)

-Is it possible to be addicted to YouTube video reviews on baby products? I hope not!

- Am I crazy for wanting to use cloth diapers? Seriously though! I’ve been researching them like an addict but I need feedback.

-Can dogs get depression? Because I think Oliver may become depressed after this child is born and I’ll need dog therapist references.

So many more pressing questions but there are a fewSmile

So, instead of Crop tops, here are a few outfits I’ve worn lately to compliment the bump.



  1. Cloth diaper. Do it. I'm doing it. We should all do it!

    Here's some info if you'd like: