Pregnancy Thoughts: 16 weeks

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant which means I’m still in that in-between stage where I either have a food baby, a really impressive beer gut or maaaaybe I’m pregnant. It’s been a little awkward but I’m starting to feel like it’s more pregnant belly than beer belly. I feel huge but I am kindly reminded daily that I am not. I’ll gladly believe them because I know as soon as I am actually huge, people will have no problem telling how HUUUGE i am, and that I must be about to POP!
Here are a few things I’ve learned during my pregnancy so far:
  1. The internet is a great thing! There have been so many questions about pains, worries, changes and most of them have been answered on the web.
  2. If you are feeling any odd symptom, most likely it is pregnancy related, and completely normal. I had no idea so many weird changes would take place, many which seem completely unrelated to being pregnant, but they do and they are.
  3. I am, in fact, not eating for two, as many times as people tell me I am. It’s more like eating for one and 1/6 of a person.
  4. Everyone will tell you their old wives tales about how to predict the sex of the baby, one including your ass getting huge and your face blowing up=girl, or you carrying small =boy. The whole time I’m wondering who would dare predict a girl, and how could such smart people buy into such crap.
  5. You will hear everyone’s delivery stories including their mother’s and their friend’s, friend's cousin who she knew from summer camp. Most of these will be terrifying and end at how close they were to dying.(Thanks for the pep talk!)
  6. People will assume you must end all physical activity while pregnant, to only lounge around the house in very comfy maternity yoga pants. But for the record: Running during pregnancy is perfectly healthy and SAFE for the baby and Mother and YES I can and WILL continue to run….Now, I dare you go ask an Obese pregnant women if she plans on changing her diet while pregnant, and if she says “no” proclaim… “Is that SAFE?” yeah, I didn’t think so…
  7. People really do want to touch your growing belly. So far, because I’m smaller and rando strangers wouldn’t dare assume I’m pregnant, only people I know have touched/rubbed it, and I actually don’t mind. I know they do it because they care and are interested in my pregnancy and as long as I know them well, I don’t mind… Although, ask me again in a few months and I may not be so understanding.


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