What I’ve been up to

So, what have I been up to since September? A lot actually! The last time I posted on here my bump was barley there… and to think I felt so huge at the time. There is SO much to think about for a first baby that I didn’t expect. I planned for the medical bills but not for all the little things, and so, my mind has been extremely preoccupied. So here are a few things I’ve been filling my days with.
1. We found out we are having a BOY and we picked a name!
2. I immediately started sewing baby clothes!
3. I decided early on in my pregnancy to cloth diaper, and researching and building a diaper stash has been a long process. I bought some, I made some, I watched youtube videos, I made YouTube videos…. It’s been fun.
4. I documented the bump progress.
IMG_5047IMG_4931DSC_020929 weeksIMG_4669IMG_464920 weeks (3)16 weeks (1)12 Weeks (2)9 Weeks (2)4 Weeks (2)  
 I’m currently at 37 weeks, about to pop and eating everything in sight. I’m not even sorry.  Seriously, I ate a big piece of cake today, like 6 cookies(i stopped counting), a couple handfuls of animal crackers(and lets be real, their just cookies that someone named crackers). It wasn't my best day to say the least. 
This baby is welcome to arrive anytime soon. Maybe my next post will have a new face to share with you all:)


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