Greyhound Getaway

I traveled long distance for the first time by myself. I know, I’m 27 and apparently live under a rock. I took a Greyhound to NYC to visit my Sister. I pretty much did a,”Hey! You moved in last weekend! Hope you’re settled because I’m coming to town” move. I wouldn’t say sitting next to a stranger for 7 hours was my ideal way to travel, you inevitably learn the others sleeping habits(heavy breather), and was tempted to offer him a mint. But the bus got me there in a reasonable amount of time and it was really quite painless.

Emily and Clara showed me all the great parks near them which Clara has given very official names, such as “The Turtle Park”, “The Hippo Park” and “The Dinosaur Park”


We ate fruit.


And Em and Clara played while I laid and relaxed.


We went to the Museum.


We walked through their adorable neighborhood in the sun…


And the rain.



On the Fourth of July We sat down near the Hudson. We didn’t see many fireworks but it was beautifully peaceful.


Then we said goodbye.

It was such a great trip hanging out, seeing their favorite daily spots and exploring the city with my sister.


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