New Life For Old Threads: Sunny Summer Sundress

I haven’t had much time or patience for any up-cycles lately. They can be tedious and take a lot of concentration, and I just couldn’t get in the right frame of mind to start one. But I found this dress for $2.00 at the Thrift store a few weeks ago and I dug down deep and decided it was time for a long over due, “New Life For Old Threads” post.

I really don’t mean to make my before photos so God-awful, but I will admit that this photo was taken right after a long hot run; I have a sports bra on, and crazy mental patient hair. All of this was not on purpose to make the dress look worse, I swear. I just take pictures when I have the time, and apparently my calendar was wide open directly after that run and I decided to do absolutely nothing to myself… because that’s just easier. I espceially like the tacky phone charger in the bottom corner, classyJ

This dress really wasn’t that bad, if it fit, it would be fine. Here is what I did to make the up-cycled dress:

-Brought in the side seams

-Put in a longer zipper

-Brought in the arm holes and made them smaller

-Added white bias tape to arm holes

-Brought up the hem.






  1. Leah I love that dress! I want it

  2. I have just found your blog after buying a vintage dress with a big faded stripe down the skirt - now I am inspired to try some up-cycling because of your amazing blog!! you clever lady! (From all the way down here in NZ) :)