New Life For Old Threads: 70s Flashback to Freshly Feminine

Ok, I’m not going to lie; I pulled this dress out from the rack twice before deciding it was worthy to buy. I initially saw the top and loved it but then immediately was scared away by the length. This dress is made out of heavier weight polyester and the length does not fit well with the fabric. I put it on and I immediately had a flashback to pictures of my Mother-in-laws bridesmaids. I can’t imagine someone wanting to wear a heavier maxi dress in summer, not to mention head to toe neon pink. It was all too much. But then I envisioned it as an above the knee dress and the flash backs went away.



This dress may not be for everyone, including me. I am much too busting to fit into it correctly, but I can totally imagine someone wearing this and rocking it, floral crown and all.

This dress is available for sale at Leelue Drew


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