Thrifty Outfit Tuesday: Fabric Haul at Savers

I recently began to pursue learning more about making my own clothes. That is, to learn more about how to make patterns and how clothes are put together from the beginning, in the hopes that I will be able to do it on my own eventually. I’ve started by purchasing some sewing patterns, which I have done before, but it has been many years since then, and they were usually just pajama pants, or simple skirts. I found some really cheap, cute patterns on ebay (dresses and pants, not just pajama pants, because as much as I’d like to where pjs all the time, it’s frowned upon) 
One thing you’ll always need to accompany a pattern is fabric, so I went to Joanne fabrics hoping to find some cheap red tag material…I was dumbfounded at how expensive fabric is. I found some red tag fabric that had a $12.99 tag on it and I was certain that meant for the whole spool…nope that was per yard.
I know for me, making my own clothes is supposed to be a cheaper alternative…what is the point of putting in the time to make my own clothing if it costs me $24.00 for 2 yards of fabric. I know now for certain that Forever21 has small children in those back rooms, working on looms, and cutting and sewing adorable chic clothing, how else could they get there prices so low….. ok maybe not, but you get my point.
I was appalled, and so like any other thrifting fiend, I headed over to Savers, and it was as if heaven had opened up and showered down beautiful fabric… or perhaps it was just the remnants of a crafter’s good intensions… Either way, it left me with 7 different cuts of material and a bag of 5 zippers, all for $17.00….A miracle in my book.

Moral of this story, THRIFT YOUR FABRIC! The savings is unbelievable and it makes the whole thing worth it. You can thrift great patterns too. It’s a bit of an unconventional Thrifty Outfit Tuesday, but I hope to make something out of that thrifted fabric, so technically, it will be a thrifted outfit one day.


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