I Make My First Pattern

So, I finally did it. I made, from scratch, my own sewing pattern…with a little guidance of course. I have wanted to make a skirt with darts and a zipper for a while, so I went where any person goes for guidance, Google. I came up with “Melly Sews” photo tutorial on drafting and making a skirt with darts…Gosh, that Google, she just gets me!  It was a pretty good start to learning how to make a pattern. A couple tips if you follow this tutorial:


  1. She has you find exact measurements for the skirt darts and fitting by drafting on muslin or scrap fabric, however, in the instructions she has you add .5” to each measurement you take, along with 1” for seam allowance. I found this to be way too much and only made the whole fitting process extra slopping and difficult. If I had to do this process over I would take out the .5” to the measurements, and stick with the 1” seam allowance, for the first drafting. However, you may find this extra  seam allowance necessary.
  2. Her instructions call for front darts, however I did not need front darts (this is probably why I did not need the extra seam allowance). Simply put, expect to redraft this pattern a few times before getting it right. With that said…
  3. My advice would be, go buy a sheet from the thrift store, and do each draft on the sheet until you get it exact, then use the perfect, finished sheet-skirt as your stencil for your final pattern.

My finished product:


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