Thrifty Outfit: Bright Threads for a Blustery Day

I needed this outfit today. It’s bright and summery and nothing like the weather we are having here in Western N.Y.  My sister Emily and I and some close girl friends are all training for a half marathon we’ll be doing in the spring. Needless to say, making myself run in these subzero temps is hard, but I am doing it…although I try to talk myself out of it at every turn. I think all our conversations with each other for a while went something like this:
Friend: Tell me you are not running in this!
Me: I thought about it for a second… but I decided no.
Friend: Yeah way too cold, I’ll start tomorrow
Me: yeah me too…
Friend: we have time right?
Friend: we totally have enough time.
Except that tomorrow is always just as cold and blustery and so… we have all had to just suck it up and just run in the worst weather…We will all be stronger for it in the end.
In the meantime, I’ll just dream of the beach and wear lots of layers!
Thrifted Peplum top:$5.00
Thrifted floral pants:$12.00
Thrifted heels:$8.00
Forever 21 collar necklace: $4.00