MLK Day Sewing Project- Plaid work dress

I was going to go thifting today but then I looked in my sewing room and realized I have more than enough projects right now. So, of course, instead of finishing any of them…I started a new one. I’ve had a dress idea for a while and had a day off today to make it, so I did.



I started with a basic princess seam dress, and then added a strip at the bottom with pleats to add the flare out look.


Thrifted Fabric: $.99

Thrifted Navy long-sleeve: $1.20

Thrifted Heels: $.$6.00


  1. Hello!
    I am French, sorry if I make mistakes (I use a translation website to help me).
    I wanted to say that I'm falling on your blog by chance, and I'm totally addicted!
    I use a lot the principle remodel my clothes bought in thrift, I also created a blog there is not long to show my projects. But yet I can not put much: my laptop is being repaired and therefore more pictures = / short! I must tell you that I love your blog and especially changes nothing is really great! Then you are sublime as you elsewhere.
    That thank you very much for all your ideas.
    Kisses and good day!

    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind! I hope you come back again!