Crop Top Crazy

If you follow me on Instagram(Leeluedrew)at all, you may have already caught on to my crop top craze. I think this long winter we’ve had here in New York has me pining for any style that symbolizes warm weather. I drank a mojito the other night and I could have sworn, for a few moments it was summer. Unfortunately, it was still 10 degrees out, and I was wearing a wool sweater. If you told me last year that I would be loving the crop top, I would have laughed. The only reason I would be caught dead in a crop top now is because high-waisted everything is also in style. They go hand in hand for me since I only have a flat stomach in the morning, and after that, no one needs to see that food baby.  Making crop tops are easy since they are literally only half a shirt and take half the fabric.  And when I say, “literally half a shirt” I mean like, literally, go buy a t-shirt at the thrift shop and cut the bottom off. It’s probably the easiest DIY you could ask for.


Here are a few of my Handmade crop tops from the past few weeks. For sale at Leelue Drew.

 Featuring Ezra photo bombing

 Crop Tops for Sale at Leelue Drew. All were made with thrifted/scrap material.


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