Learning to Knit

If you weren’t quite sure yet, this blog post will confirm, that I officially have more in common with your 90-year-old grandmother than any of you. I have taken up knitting. The only thing that keeps me looking hip is that when I reference me serging over the weekend, I’m fairly certain people think it’s some new thing involving loud music or reckless behavior, not me sitting over a nifty sewing machine that hems edges oh so neatly.

   Learning to knit has reminded me how impatient I am. I’m also reminded of this in the homemade bread I didn’t allow to rise all the way with a chewy, not so yummy center, or the side mirror on my car I smashed off while I hurriedly backing out of my garage this morning…the list really could go on and on… but my point is that as I was learning to knit I learned something…follow the pattern directions gosh darn it! You can’t skip to the end and it won’t look good at all. I messed around a bit only to fail because I wasn’t following it to the tee. It was then that my friend Dana, who knits, stepped in and pushed me in the right direction. I am now hooked and will be making cowls for everyone’s gifts for the next few years so I hope you have cold necks.

   Tips if you want to learn to knit:

1.Youtube…there are tons of videos to teach you the basics, and knitting is pretty basic so once you know this you can knit.


2.There are a lot of online sites with free patterns. Dana showed me Ravelry. It’s full of all types a free patterns.


3.Ask your grandmother for her supplies because this shit gets expensive…


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