Pretty in Pink: Dress making

I received the sewing patterns I had ordered a few weeks ago, and as I opened one up and began to read the instructions I immediately wondered if I had gotten in over my head. The pictures were somewhat helpful, if you can decipher between all the dashes and shaded areas, and I quickly decided that maybe I would hold off on them… just for the time being.

So I went’a searchin’ on the good ole Google for some free dress patterns. I just wanted to start with a simple shape and I found this m-sewing pattern 5196. I changed it just slightly because I found that the amount of gathering the skirt called for made me look like a cupcake doll, all I was missing was a frosting hat with a bow. So I removed the skirt part from the front bodice and cut about half a foot off of each side.

I used thrifted pink fabric I got for $2.00 at Savers, plus I had to buy a zipper for $1.50, making it only $3.50 to make.


  1. Amazing! What a beautiful dress. You're a great sewer!

  2. AMAZING! So wait, $3.50 to make.... but how many grueling hours of hard work? : )

    1. Thanks! Not as many as you would think:) but I enjoy it, so that helps.

  3. This dress is so adorable! Great work!!